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Edwards Centre for Soft Matter



Dr Ronojoy  Adhikari
Lecturer in Applied Mathematics
Prof. Jeremy J. Baumberg
Prof. in Nanophotonics
Dr Andreas  Bender
Reader in Molecular Informatics
Prof. Serena  Best
Professor of Materials Science
Dr. John  Biggins
University Lecturer in Applied Mechanics
Prof. Raphael  Blumenfeld
Bye-Fellow in Natural Sciences of Gonville and Caius College
Distinguished Professor, College of Science, NUDT, China
Honorary Research Fellow, DAMTP
Prof. Ruth  Cameron
Professor of Materials & Biomaterials
Prof. Mike  Cates
Lucasian Professor of Mathematics
Royal Society Research Professor
Dr Binqing  Cheng
Junior Research Fellow of Trinity College
Prof. Pietro  Cicuta
Professor of Soft Matter Physics
Prof. Stuart  Clarke
Professor of Surface Science
Member of the BP Institute
Dr. Rosana  Collepardo-Guevara
Interdisciplinary Lecturer
Departments of Chemistry and Genetics
Dr. Lucy  Colwell
University Lecturer in Theoretical Chemistry
Prof Gabor  Csanyi
Professor of Molecular Modelling
Dr. Michael  De Volder
Professor of Nanomanufacturing
Prof. Athene  Donald
Emeritus Professor of Experimental Physics
Prof. Erika  Eiser
Professor in Experimental Soft Matter Physics
Prof. James  Elliott
Professor of Macromolecular Materials Science
Dr Tijmen  Euser
University Lecturer in Physics
Dr. Rachel C. Evans
Professor in Materials Chemistry
Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy
Prof Kristian  Franze
Professor of Neuronal Mechanics
Department of Physiology, Development and Neuroscience
Prof. Daan  Frenkel
Emeritus Professor of Computational Chemistry
Assistant Professor in Biological Physics
Dr Rosalba  Garcia Millan
Junior Research Fellow, St Johns College
Prof. Lynn  Gladden
Shell Professor of Chemical Engineering
Prof. Ray  Goldstein
Schlumberger Professor of Complex Physical Systems
Prof. Jonathan  Goodman
Professor of Chemistry
Prof. Clare  Grey
Professor of Materials Chemistry
Dr. Yan Yan Shery Huang
Professor of Bioengineering
Dr Robert  Jack
Professor of Statistical Mechanics
Dr. Alexandre  Kabla
Reader in Mechanobiology
Prof. Ulrich  Keyser
Professor of Applied Physics
Prof. Tuomas  Knowles
Professor of Physical Chemistry and Biophysics
Prof. Eric  Lauga
Professor of Applied Mathematics
Dr Alpha  Lee
Royal Society University Research Fellow
Prof. George  Malliaras
Prince Phillip Professor of Technology
Prof Angelos  Michaelides
Professor of Theoretical Chemistry
Prof Nikos  Nikiforakis
Professor of Computational Multiphysics
Dr Aleks  Reinhardt
Associate Professor in Theoretical Chemistry
Prof. Alex  Routh
Professor of Colloid Science
Member of the BP Institute
Dr. Thierry  Savin
Associate Professor in Bioengineering
Dr Camille  Scalliet
Herchel Smith Postdoctoral Fellow
Ramon Jenkins Research Fellow at Sidney Sussex College
Prof. Oren  Scherman
Professor of Supramolecular and Polymer Chemistry
Director of the Melville Laboratory
Dr. Andy  Sederman
Professor in Magnetic Resonance in Engineering
Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology
Prof. Ben  Simons
Royal Society EP Abraham Research Professor
Senior Group Leader, The Gurdon Institute
Prof. Eugene  Terentjev
Professor of Polymer Physics
Prof Silvia  Vignolini
Professor of Chemistry and Bio-Materials
Prof. David  Wales
Prof. of Theoretical Chemistry
Prof. D Ian  Wilson
Professor of Soft Solids and Surfaces
Prof. Grae  Worster
Professor of Applied Mathematics

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