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Prof. Tuomas Knowles

Prof. Tuomas Knowles

Professor of Physical Chemistry and Biophysics

Research Interests

Self-assembly and mis-assembly of polymers including proteins; microfluidics, protein chemistry, biosensors, optical lithography and scanning probe microscopy and spectroscopy; applying theoretical concepts from statistical mechanics and chemical kinetics to proteins and other self-assembled soft systems.


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Edwards members discover unexpected stability of 'Raspberry' Colloids

Oct 02, 2018

Research Groups in the Physics, Chemistry & Melville laboratories have discovered a new synthesis route to make uniform 'raspberry'-like colloids in a single step reaction. They show that aqueous suspensions of these nano-particles remain stable over a large range of ionic strengths, defying DLVO theory.

David Chandler Linnett Memorial Symposium

Mar 15, 2018

Friday 13th April 11:00-18:00 Pfizer Lecture Theatre

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