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Edwards Centre for Soft Matter


Polymers and Gels

Dr Ronojoy  Adhikari
Lecturer in Applied Mathematics
Prof. Jeremy J. Baumberg
Prof. in Nanophotonics
Dr. John  Biggins
University Lecturer in Applied Mechanics
Prof. Ruth  Cameron
Professor of Materials & Biomaterials
Dr. Stuart  Clarke
Reader, BP Institute and Chemistry
Dr Clarke's research addresses the fundamental interactions that determine the structure and dynamics of polymer, colloidal and interfacial systems.
Dr. Lucy  Colwell
University Lecturer in Theoretical Chemistry
Prof. Athene  Donald
Emeritus Professor of Experimental Physics
Prof. Erika  Eiser
Professor in Experimental Soft Matter Physics
Prof. James  Elliott
Professor of Macromolecular Materials Science
Prof. Daan  Frenkel
Emeritus Professor of Computational Chemistry
Prof. Lynn  Gladden
Shell Professor of Chemical Engineering
Prof. Clare  Grey
Professor of Materials Chemistry
Prof. Ulrich  Keyser
Professor of Applied Physics
Prof. Tuomas  Knowles
Professor of Physical Chemistry and Biophysics
Prof. Alex  Routh
Professor of Colloid Science
Member of the BP Institute
Dr. Andy  Sederman
Professor in Magnetic Resonance in Engineering
Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology
Prof. Eugene  Terentjev
Professor of Polymer Physics
Prof. David  Wales
Prof. of Theoretical Chemistry